A Network You Can Depend On
web hosting network you can depend on

At LinkOnUs.com, we've built a network without a single point of failure. Every device and system in our data center has a backup, a partner that can take over in case anything goes wrong. Even if one of our servers goes down, access to your data, email and Web site will be quickly restored. Constant monitoring ensures that any serious problem receives immediate attention. Our goal is an uptime greater than 99 percent.
The Structure

Traffic coming in and out of our network flows through multiple fiber-optic cables into our Cisco switches. The switches are clustered together so that one can take over the functions of the other in case of a hardware failure.

The path then flows to our high-end UNIX and Windows servers, which handle access to your data, email and Web site. Many off the self parts and backup pieces of equipment are standing by for quick replacement if the need arises.

Key to our availablity is the distribution of load and services across several pieces of equipment. Unlike most smaller hosting companies we distriibute services into different dedicated servers for maximum perforance and uptime.

Full Protection

We're prepared to deal with power failures and other external problems as well. We have multiple diesel-fuel backup generators to keep our servers running during power outages, and we use uninterruptible power supplies to keep things going smoothly during more minor interruptions. We also use state-of-the-art smoke-detection and fire-suppression systems.

Our thorough on-site security includes motion sensors, video surveillance and security breach alarms to provide only secured physical access to our data center. We also have security experts working full-time to maintain and monitor a firewall that prevents online intrusions.