Offline Payment Options
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General Contact Information
Mailing Address :
   Link On Us
PO Box 2446
Palos Verdes, CA 90274
United States

Contact phone for courier deliveries : 1-310-800-3691

Offline payment options:

Please ensure to remit your payment in a timely fashion (at least three weeks before the due/account expiry date recommended), to ensure that it is received it on time.
If you are paying using any offline payment method, please notify once you have remitted the payment noting your invoice number and the payment method.

Fax Credit Card Details
If you do not wish to submit your credit card details via the Control Panel, you can also fax them to us a 1-310-831-4438. Make sure to note (1) the invoice number, (2) the total to be charged, (3) your card type, (4) card number, (5) card expiry date, (6) cardholder name, (7) full cardholder address (as listed with the card issuer), (8) cardholder home phone number, (9) cardholder E-mail address, and (10) ensure to sign the form (unsigned faxed card payment authorizations can not be accepted). Please note that the form has to be complete and signed by the cardholder.
Money Order/Bank Draft
Virtually all banks have the ability to provide money orders/bank drafts. Please note that it must be:
  • drawn on a US bank (most international banks have connections to US banks and can issue bank drafts drawn on a US bank)
  • properly MICR encoded according to the US standards (otherwise, the draft can not be sent through the Federal Reserve System and will incur collection charges of $50 and up); not all banks can provide such proper drafts, so please check with your bank first.

    Postal Money Order
    Postal Money Orders drawn on US or Canadian Mail are acceptable. Foreign postal outlets may offer to send us a Canadian Postal Money order; this is acceptable, though such a money order may take up to a month to arrive.

    We can accept payment as USD cash, but we strongly discourage you from mailing cash as if it gets lost in the mail you will not be able to recover it. If you are mailing cash, please ensure to send it via registered/insured mail.

    Western Union
    Please contact on the special arrangements for Western Union money transfers. You should only use this method if none of the other options above are realistically possible for you.

    Additional Questions
    If you have any further questions regarding offline payment options, please don't hesitate to ask .