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web hosting testimonials

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we strive to do everything we can to ensure our customers' satisfaction across the globe. Here's a sampling of what actual customers are saying about us:

Verses the competition

"I really appreciate your prompt responses and service. You are the best hosting service I have used."
Susanne, Omaha, Nebraska

"Great support! I have used several different ISP's and you are the best. The assistance is always fast, clear and correct!!!"
Todd, Chicago, Illinois

"Keep up the great work! You whip the competitors on bang for the dollar."
Steven, Newark, New Jersey

"Your Web-hosting setup is the easiest, most complete I have ever used. You definitely provide superb services for the everyday small business people. I have already referred others to your services."
Julie, Cambridge, England

"By far one of the best Site Studio tools around!"
Oletha, Los Angeles, California

Technical Support team services

"Thank you for all your responses to my queries. Your service is excellent and
I appreciated your patience!"
George, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

"Thanks for your assistance with my files. It all works great and I am in business thanks to you and all your tools"
David, Bakersfield, California

"You were so fast to respond to assist me with resolving my issue. I'm glad I've got you guys on my team - wouldn't want to run the business without you!"
Fred, Wichita, Kansas

"I am extremely pleased with your service. I highly recommend your service to anyone who would like to get their own domain. Thanks."
Jill, Lansing, Michigan

"Simply the Best!"
Richard, Tempe, Arizona

Site Control control panel

"For the last 2 years I have depended upon your Site Control panel to update
my site (built by the Site Studio) and have to tell you that I just love it!
It is dummy proof."
Melissa, Lexington, Kentucky

"Thanks for making everything so easy to manage. Life is full of enough stress, your
tools make running my business a breeze. Of course it is always comforting to
know you are there to back me up when needed - which I really appreciate. Your tools make my skill level look Topnotch to my customers and that is just great!"
Edward, St. Louis, Missouri

"From the beginning your services have been so easy to understand - thanks for making it easy for us dummies!"
Alan, Shreveport, Louisiana


"I am so excited - I have my very own business up and running thanks to all of you. Your service and skill level is far beyond what I thought I could have expected for the great price I am paying. You were so kind to me and you provide such value. Thank you again. PS. I am looking to open another business with you."
Joanna, Baltimore, Maryland

"I have my very own domain name and using your services has been so easy and painless."
Joe, Spokane, Washington

"I give you kudos all the way around - I'll stay in business with you for a long time. Thanks for being so reliable in this world of unknown."
Gary, Denver, Colorado

"Great customer support - you guys are really human!"
Marty, Fargo, North Dakota


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