Web Hosting Automation
Web Hosting Automation


Automated Customer Signup

The control panel takes care of all stages of customer signup. No longer is it necessary to add each new user to the system - users can complete the registration all by themselves.


Automated Domain Registration

Your customers can register domain names without leaving their control panel. The control panel automates all procedures and charges related to standard domain name registration. You can register domains with Enom, OpenSRS and Alldomains registrars.


Credit Card Processing

The control panel automatically performs all charges to your customers' credit cards for the services you offer. All you need to do is choose and configure a merchant gateway.


E-mail Customer And Admin Notifications

Whenever necessary, the control panel will send your customers welcome letters and other notifications. You can also have copies of these e-mails sent to your e-mail account. Notifications are sent when a customer signs up, forgets a password, approaches disk or traffic limit to name just a few instances. The content of the notifications is editable by master admin and resellers right from the control panel.


Fully Automated Account Provisioning

Customers can use their control panel to switch between available plans, buy more disk space or traffic, register domains, add dns entries, create e-mail and FTP accounts, create directories, etc.