Attention! You have requested an invalidly-formatted fuseaction. The fuseaction
is not correct.

Core message: The Fusebox core file encountered an error. The variable

is not defined or is defined incorrectly. It should be in the form
where "circuit" is the name of the target circuit and "fuseaction" is the fuseaction to proces in that target circuit. The most likely cause of this error is that attributes.fuseaction is not available. attributes.fuseaction can be set as a form, url, or attributes variable and should be defaulted via in the root fbx_settings.cfm file.

If you think this error is incorrect, turn off the Fusebox error catch flag and suppress error messages flag by setting fusebox.useErrorCatch to FALSE and fusebox.SuppressErrors to FALSE, and you will receive ColdFusion's "normal" error output.